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Welcome to AVPS's website. Here you will find up to date necropsy forms and checklists for field necropsies and other useful documents. - Questions regarding pathology, anatomy, and necropsy procedures should be directed to Dr. Kathy Burek (907) 242-2566 - Questions regarding shipping, supplies, and inventory should be directed to Dr. Burek or the AVPS technician, Natalie Rouse [email protected] In the event Dr. Burek is out of town during a potential necropsy, the AVPS technician will help coordinate with other local veterinarians in the stranding network to organize a response. Below you will find the NEWEST SUPER SIMPLE CHECKLIST AND FORM (1 page). If you are short on time, or this is your first time doing a necropsy, this is a good form for you.…

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The Detective of Northern Oddities

Written by Christopher Solomon Published in Outside Magazine 1/4/2017 Article Link: http://outsideonline.com/2143191/detective-northern-oddities Burek inspecting and measuring a Beluga whale on the beach in Nikiski, Alaska. (All activities conducted pursuant to…

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