We have a Prescott grant to help support the stranding network by receiving and distributing samples to improve level B and C data. Stranding Coordinator Natalie Rouse can help coordinate shipping of samples and necropsies if needed. Her email is [email protected]

INFORMATION: After you finish a necropsy, please ensure that all details have been filled in on the DATA FORM, and note which samples were and were not collected on the CHECKLIST. Then photograph or scan copies of the paperwork and send to [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected].

SAMPLES: Send formalin fixed tissues to AVPS using the ‘AVPS specimen form ‘. Instructions are on that form. Frozen tissues should be sent to Natalie or myself for distribution to labs, archives and researchers. IMPORTANT!!!! If samples are not labeled with the animal ID and tissue type, they will be discarded. Also, please enclose a sample list (a copy of the CHECKLIST is fine) with the tissues and let us know they are coming by email so we can keep an eye out for them. Shipping of frozen samples within Alaska can be done using a variety of local carriers (Alaska Air Cargo, Lake Clark Air, Carlisle, Seward Busline, Lynden Transport etc.) DO NOT USE FEDEX for frozen samples within Alaska as it will go to the lower 48 and back and they don’t freeze things while in transit. If used we will have nasty unfrozen marine tissues show up, which makes then unusable for most purposes and makes FedEx angry at us ;). Please call or email Natalie at [email protected] 402-499-9515 or Kathy at 907-242-2566 [email protected] if you have shipping questions.

If you are wondering what will happen with the samples after you send them, read the “AVPS-protocols-for-samples-…” document below.


Fill out form and send samples to HCS, requesting that they be processed for AVPS.  


Fix for 24-48 hours until large piecesPour off the formalin and wrap tissue in paper towelsRepack into leak proof containers (ziplocks work well)Double pack with more leak proofsPack with absorbent material in a sturdy shipping box.Label the box with appropriate stickers for Category B materials. Send regular mail to Histology Consultation Services to be processed for AVPS (See Specimen submission form and address labels).