Below you will see data forms and checklists for necropsy of baleen (large) whales. For the Data Form, use the General form (1) unless you have a Right Whale or a Sperm Whale in which case use that form (1B or 1C). Note that you will need to download the CHECKLIST for it to properly print the specific tab(s) that correspond to the anticipated decomposition code(s) of your whale. Print the two most likely options for decomposition code, as well as the data form and both photo tags (items 1-4). Print on Rite in the Rain paper if possible.

Also note that if it is not possible to collect samples in formalin and the case is very fresh, another option is to make a bag of “formalin fixed” tissues which are the correct size (1/5 to 1 cm thick), freeze that and send with the rest of the tissues. Fresh frozen tissue in formalin can be quite informative.

Short on time? Try this Baleen Whale ‘SHORT Form’